Review: Claiming The Alpha [Wild Obsession #2] 2/5 (1)

April 13, 2018
Title: Claiming the Alpha
Author: Adriana Hunter
Genre: Paranormal romance
Publication date: 2013


Jax has fallen in love with Nikki, the complicated ex-stripper with a tragic past. But he hasn’t told her everything, and with the clock ticking he has only thirty days to convince her that he is everything she needs.

Will Nikki accept Jax for who he really is, and leave everything behind in order to join his pack? There’s a sinister force at work, a killer on the loose, and the most unlikely couple falling in love despite everything that stands against them. Can they make it through the darkness ahead?

     Claiming the Alpha by Adriana Hunter was the second part of the short series ‘Wild Obsessions’. When I say short I am being literal. Both parts are around 80 pages each and looking back at them now they should have been one book. There wasn’t enough action in each to make them look accomplished apart.

    As my first attempt at romance/erotica I am rather happy with my choice. There were some good moments that help me gain new perspective as ti how to write romantic/sex scenes and as a writer I am really curious about that. The book was in both Nikki and Jax’ point of view which was an excellent choice since if Adriana Hunter had stuck to one it wouldn’t have worked out.

   The second part picks up where the first stopped, Jax and his pack are still looking for the creature that killed those people at the club and attacked Nikki and Lori. Jax manage to find his father’s old journal which reveals who and what the creature may be and they all try to track it. Meanwhile, Nikki is stuck to yet another horrible job with disgusting boss. 

    The good parts for me were the moments where Nikki and Jax were alone. Those were sweet and passionate, just in a spirit of a romance story. We also managed to see Jax taking charge finally and acting like an Alpha more even though he is still miles away from a dominant, determined and formidable wolf leader(sue me, I like my make characters like that 😀 ).

    In the previous book I said I really liked the part about the mysterious creature that killed those people. And naturally, it was expected for that creature to go after the main character (Nikki) but the whole thing felt rather artificial. First, the logic behind going after Nikki was badly explained/not explained at all; it was too convenient how Jax found exactly what and who the creature was when they were trying so hard to find that before. And the ending was so anticlimactic that I was like ‘What? That’s it?’.

   It just felt like I was reading two books. One that was rather good and it was a sum of just the romantic moments. And the second being the chase and kill of the mysterious creature – that one was underdeveloped and kind of illogical. I don’t know, maybe I expect too much from a such a novel but when I am given multiple overlapping plotlines I expect all of them to be thoroughly developed and making sense together.

   I would give Claiming the Alpha a 2/5 rating. It has potential but it is not used to the fullest. And yeah, the title again has no connection to the story as far as I am concerned.

   What about you? Have you read the book? What rating would you give? What are your thoughts and takes on Claiming the Alpha?

What do you think?

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