Review: Clay’s Instinct [Wolf Call #2] 2/5 (1)

March 19, 2019
Title: Clay’s Instinct
Author: Abbey Polidori
Genre: Paranormal/ Romance/ Erotica
Publication date: 2013


Clay Adams is the sheriff of the small town of Faith, Montana. He is also a shifter.

When the Temple of Thul arrive in Faith and try to take Clay, he narrowly escapes with his life and one of the Temple’s members as a hostage.

But even though Clay knows the curvy beauty Lucinda is his enemy, his instincts tell him she is his mate.

   It turns out this week would be romance/erotica week so here we go with Clay’s Instinct, the second story of the series ‘Wolf Call’ by Abbey Polidori.

    Instead of the story picking up from where Logan and Sarah left us it switches to Clay, a local sheriff in a small city called Faith. He is also persecuted by a secret organization bent on catching and experimenting on superhuman creatures like werewolves and vampires (so far those are the only two types we have heard of but only have seen werewolves). The story itself expands and now instead of purely romantic/erotic storyline we have a bit of conflict. It’s still very much on the background since this story is more or less about yet another couple mating – Clay and the reporter Lucinda.

    The plot is pretty much the same as before but at least Lucinda is not picture-perfect like Sarah. Author goes out of the norm and makes her a self-conscious plus-size young woman who finds her confidence when the big sexy man shows his hard, ready… interest. Anyway, I find this part weaker than the first book with the exception of the conflict forming at the very end. Apparently werewolves are ready to fight back their persecutors. This suggest there will be more books in the series although not yet published (and the last one was published 2013) so not sure if the author is taking a break or has given up on the story.

    In any case it was quick to read and it helped pass the time. I doubt I will remember much of it in a month but surprisingly, there was nothing I hated about it (there was nothing I particularly liked either so…). Short stories, man, I don’t have big expectations.

   I’m giving Clay’s Instinct 2/5 rating. It moved the general story further but nothing outstanding happened, nothing that would make me fall in love with story or characters.

     What about you? What rating would you give? What are your thoughts and takes on Clay’s Instinct?

What do you think?

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