Review: Logan’s Calling [Wolf Call #1] 3/5 (1)

March 19, 2019
Title: Logan’s Calling
Author: Abbey Polodori
Genre: Paranormal / Romance/ Erotica
Publication date: 2013


Logan James, wounded war hero, is obsessed with his neighbor Sarah Cooper. He watches her every night from the house that has become his self-imposed prison, locking him away from society.

When he receives a package intended for Sarah, he musters the courage to go around to her house and meet her.

But Logan discovers that Sarah has a secret, a secret that has placed her in danger. And the feelings he has for her run deeper than simple attraction. 

Sarah is a shifter and even though he doesn’t know it yet, Logan is her mate.

   Well, well, it’s been awhile since I’ve been this unsure about how I feel about a story. When I started Logan’s Calling I was fully aware what I was getting into – a short, erotic story with paranormal element. Sounds good enough right? Well, be careful what you wish for.

     The story started alright, more than alright even. We have Logan – a soldier who served time in Afghanistan until an accident that left him scarred and his whole team – dead. I was honestly surprised at the long, detailed character development. Few are the erotic stories which care much about characters or plot – usually it is just about the sex and the build up towards it. Anyway, that surprised me pleasantly but I was like – where is the paranormal part?

   And the part came, in the weirdest package. I mean, I knew it would be wolf-related with all the talk about mating and werewolves are now the new best thing. But what I did not expect (SPOILER ALERT!) was the shifter/animal sex. I mean, obviously animals have sex to have little animals but shifter sex – I was so busy imagining how and why and what that I don’t remember much of the sex scenes. All I remember was that the first two were literally the same, little unimaginative for an erotic story, and the last one invoked a picture of a dogs humping each other. I don’t know, maybe you need to be a bit more open-minded or have a bestiality fetish to enjoy those moments. They just didn’t work for me.

     There was also an idea of a plot, which was more than I expected, and it was nothing complicated, but I do believe the story would have worked better in a full-size novel. This may be just me, I hate short stories and novellas since they rob you of the chance to properly develop a story, or at least the authors I’ve read so far installed this impression in me. So it wasn’t entirely pointless. 

    I’ll give Logan’s Calling by Abbey Polodiri an hesitant 3/5 rating. It started strong and despite turning into a cliche in the middle, it did have the paranormal element and the plot did conclude. So that’s a plus 😀 I guess.

   What about you? What rating would you give? What are your thoughts and takes on Logan’s Calling?

What do you think?

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