Review: Death Bringer [Skulduggery Pleasant #6] 5/5 (2)

January 19, 2018
Title: Death Bringer
Author: Derek Landy
Genre: Fantasy/ Children Literature/ Adventure
Publication date: 2011

Think you’ve seen anything yet? You haven’t. Because the Death Bringer is about to rise…

The Necromancers no longer need Valkyrie to be their Death Bringer, and that’s a good thing.

There’s just one catch. There’s a reason the Necromancers don’t need her any more. And that’s because they’ve found their Death Bringer already, the person who will dissolve the doors between life and death.

And that’s a very, very bad thing…

      Death Bringer is the sixth book of the Skulduggery Pleasant series by Derek Landy, and if you ask me (wait for it) the best book so far! You didn’t see that coming, did you? OK, maybe you probably did because I said this for every previous book but… it’s true, I swear! I can’t decide if I am just getting more immersed and invested in the world and that’s why I like it or it’s just getting better and better. Wait, I’ve decided – it does get better and you’ll see that for yourself.

      Before we get to the good stuff I want to point out that I read 400 pages in a single night just because I couldn’t put the book down. Yes, I am crazy and yes, I did see the sun rise, but gosh, it was worth it. Also, I need to complain that I totally would have loved to grow up reading those books just like I did with Harry Potter. I would have turned into a badass following Stephanie’s example and joining martial arts club or something.

We punch people, Valkyrie. That’s who we are. Embrace your inner lunatic. Fun times guaranteed.

      Now to the good stuff, in this book we again follow Valkyrie and Skulduggery as they are trying to save the world (a bit of a habit, I guess, but it comes with the job), this time from an entity called ‘Death Bringer’. The Death Bringer is the messiah of the Necromancers, a Necromancer that supposedly saves the world by tearing the wall between life and death. Even when I say it like this doesn’t sound too good to me but hey, we’re just along for the ride.

   Previously some necromancers, including Solomon Wreath, thought Valkyrie was that person but then they turn to Melancholia St. Clair who seemed to have come to incredible power during her ‘Surge’ (that’s kind of an initiation thing where you choose your magic discipline for life). All is grand but she does not come to that power naturally and she is very unstable (and even more mental than before). So that being said, she is trying to destroy the world as we know it and bring the Passage (another word for destroying the world, write it in a notebook or if you’re somewhat smart, try to follow).

   You know how it goes down from there I suspect – they (Skulduggery and Val) fight and lose, they fight some more, they say something witty and continue to fight until Lord Vail and Darquesse turn up and destroy half the city. Uh-oh. Maybe I should have skipped that one 😀 Too late. You know and you will look forward to that and you’ll love it 😀

    On a more positive note, this book is like ten times better than the previous ones in terms of plots. There is a lot of POV changes which I am not sure how I feel about, but there are a lot of plotlines to be followed throughout the book some of which have nothing to do with the Death Bringer, Lord Vail or Darquesse. I am not sure why they are there at all but I expect to find out in the next book (not talking about Vaurien Scapegrace, the Killer Supreme who never killed anyone; the Zombie King with no zombies and a few other ridiculous titles that are there just to make us laugh).

      Another thing I waited for a long time (around four books actually) was for Val to finally grow up enough for Landy to be able to make more mature jokes 😀 When she was twelve or thirteen those wouldn’t fit in but right now the timing is perfect. Along that came the teenage drama, which I enjoyed more than I should have. This reminds me, am I the only weird psycho who is shipping Skulduggery and Valkyrie? I know it’s weird and it poses a lot of scientific questions on how they can be ‘together’ at all but I can’t stop myself…

What do we do now?”
“Well, we escape. I’m not sure how yet, but—”
“No,” said Valkyrie. “What do we do now? We’re partners. You’re my best friend. I love you. You were my… I looked up to you. What am I supposed to do now?”
He turned away. “You need to find yourself a new hero. 

    That being said, I can assure you the amount of jokes in this one surpasses the previous books and they are getting funnier (at least for me). They are not just word-plays and snarky remarks, they are actually jokes. And we get to see all of our favorite characters in a new light. Yeah, not in a good way. I literally think that every one of our main characters got one of their biggest secrets revealed. Nobody is happy about it, naturally, but you can expect a few ‘Wait, what??” throughout the book. I loved every part of it.

The lies we tell other people are nothing to the lies we tell ourselves.” 

     Needless to say I’m giving this 5/5 rating wishing I came up with a better rating system of ten or hundred or something.

      What about you? What rating would you give? What are your thoughts and takes on Death Bringer?

What do you think?

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